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You are beautiful & together we will make sure that shines through in your photos. It is easy to get anxious about having your picture taken. There are so many choices. What do I wear? What should my fiance wear? Should we match? I'm here to tell you something that may shock you: it doesn't matter. No matter what you choose, you're going to look amazing whether you put on the first outfit you chose or the one you picked only after consulting with your best girlfriend, your mom, your neighbor, & the lady at Madewell. Your beauty isn't it what you wear, it's in the love between you & your other half, your kids, your mom, your grandparents, or whoever it is you'll be sharing these memories with. When your loved ones look at your pictures they aren't going to notice that your eyeliner didn't wing out Lauren Conrad style as you'd so painstakingly aimed for. All they will notice is YOU - your heart, your smile, your warmth, and your unique personality. All that being said, below is some information on what to expect, ideas on what to wear, & tips on preparing for your photo shoot. 



Kids & Babies


I adore kids and love taking pictures of them more than anything! I will let your kids have fun during their shoot and will encourage them to be themselves. Many of the best photos come from shots when the kids are having fun and engaged in an activity they love.

I encourage you to bring items that make them comfortable like dolls, toys, bikes, etc. We can incorporate these into the pictures or use them off camera to engage the child. I also suggest bringing snacks/water/juice with you to the shoot in the event your child gets hungry. If your child normally naps during the day, I encourage you to schedule your shoot right after the nap for the best photos.

Do not worry if your child is uncooperative some of the time or antsy. It’s okay. I encourage you to talk to your child and let him/her know ahead of time what’s about to take place and let them know how much fun it will be!

Although newborns are not usually on a schedule yet, please try to feed them as close to when we start the shoot as possible. A well-fed little one is the easiest to work with. Newborn pictures generally also work the best when the baby is asleep as they are easier to pose so whatever you can do before hand to encourage this is appreciated. Do not worry, however, if the baby wakes up, needs feeding, or changing multiple times throughout our time together. It’s natural and expected. Don’t be anxious or feel rushed – newborn shoots tend to last a little longer than others as there is a lot of “stop and go”. I am very patient  so please don’t worry.

Please bring a swaddle, diaper cover(s) and any small blankets (preferably in solid colors) for the baby. Babies look adorable in little outfits so bring as many outfits as you would like as well. Accessories like hats and tobbagans are STRONGLY encouraged. If you have any heirloom piece of any kind that you would like incorporated into the pictures please bring them along as well.



Location & Lighting



Keep in mind I prefer to shoot in NATURAL LIGHT which means preferably outdoors or in front of windows. I prefer to shoot near sunrise or sunset as this provides the best light, but will certainly work around the time of day that is best for you!

Think about where you’d like your pictures taken. Do you like the rustic feel of barns and old buildings or more of an urban setting? I will choose a location for you based on your preference if you’d like.

(Please keep in mind travel time will be accessed and added to your fee should a location be chosen that is 30 minutes outside of center city Charlotte)

Help! What Should I Wear?



Don’t feel like you need to wear all white or wear navy Polos and khaki pants. Matching outfits can make for some pretty boring photos. My best advice would be to stay in the same color palette and wear something that makes you and your loved ones comfortable. 

As someone who will forever have to wear glasses due to very poor vision, I am a huge fan of glasses however they don’t make for the best photos only as the light bounces off them and does not allow your eyes to be seen in their best light. Please avoid wearing them for the best photos. I promise I won’t let you run into anything!

For even more advice on what to wear, I suggest looking at the following sites for cool clothing combinations. Some of these clothes are beyond my price range, however they will give you good ideas on what looks good together:

Crew Cuts (J.Crew’s Preppy Kids Clothes)

Matlida Jane (Original Clothes For Girls)

Anthropologie (Retro Women’s Clothes)

Urban Outfiters (Hip/Trendy Clothes For Men/Women)


Remember this if nothing else: LAYERS, ACCESSORIES, COLORS & TEXTURES. Try to AVOID wearing white (unless you’re the bride, of course) as this does not photograph well in certain light

Hair & Make-Up


Ladies, if you have the time, I suggest getting your make-up done professionally before your shoot. You will be happier with the end result. I always recommend Swooz Hair & Make Up Salon - she is absolutely amazing & has done hair and make-up on several of my shoots. Or if all else fails I suggest visiting the make up counter at the mall (Sephora and Laura Mercier are your best bets). You are not usually obligated to buy anything and can get a full make over for free. My suggestion is to buy one item as a thank you (items like lip gloss or concealer tend to be the most inexpensive) for the employee’s hard work (they have to make a living too).

I suggest for women to wear your hair down and bring along bobby pins and hair clips to put it up for some photos as well.

I am a fan of the spray tan (NO NO NO to tanning in the beds), however I do not suggest doing it the day of your photo shoot. There’s a possibility you may look orange or unnatural which no amount of touching up can fix. I suggest waiting at least a day, two if you can stand it, between tanning and your photos.


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