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Celebrating the Women of Charlotte

As a photographer, I am super lucky to be able to meet inspiring women of all ages everyday. From female entrepreneurs and girl bosses and fitness super stars to thirteen year old young women who love their friends, sports, and God hard with no time to worry about boys. Below is a list of just some of the crazy amazing women I've been lucky enough to work with in the past few years, why I admire them, and why you should too.

"Strong women....

May we know them

May we be them

May we raise them."

Charlotte Teen & Tween Girls

I often talk about the fact that I don't think I'd be able to survive in today's world of social media as a teenager - but the young women of Charlotte that I've photographed don't seem the least bit effected. Some of them, who I met at the Ivivva Showroom, make and sell their own jewelry line.

The Women of Flywheel/Flybarre

It's hard to be a in a room with so many fit and gorgeous women and not find yourself intimidated and ready to run and hide - but the women fitness instructors of Flywheel Charlotte do just the opposite. Their warmth puts you immediately at ease. They take the time to get to know you as a person and truly care about you, your family, and what drives you. They embody what it means to truly lift up and care about other women.

Barb Jones

I just met Barb last week when I photographed her six month old daughter, Leighton (pictured to the left). Barb and her husband lost their first born, Libby, to acute lymphatic leukemia. Throughout Libby’s treatment, family and friends rallied around the Jones family. Their team at the 24 Hours of Booty ride supported them by wearing pink LIBSTRONG shirts.Today the family continues to raise funds for childhood cancer through their organization. I was lucky enough to photograph Leighton in her mom's pink gown at 6 months, the same gown that her big sister Libby was photographed in in 2011.

Swooz Brazzell

Swooz is the owner of Swooz Hair and Make Up Salon. She is also one of my most trusted friends. Here's what is amazing about Swooz - she is the type of woman who will fight for you with no explanation from you at all. As a woman you need friends who will always back you up no matter what. Swooz is that person for me. She is super active in the Charlotte community and is also fantastic at what she does. Next time you are in need of a real girl to girl, no holds barred, wine infused therapy session, Swooz is your girl. Visit her on 7th St. just off of Hawthorne.

Arden McLaughlin

Speaking of being intimidated, the first time I saw this tall, striking beauty I was in awe and immediately thought "there's no way a girl like that would want to be friends with me." But we met to talk photography one night at Leroy Fox, immediately felt a connection, and have been friends ever since. Arden is a certified girl boss. She runs Arden's Book Club and Defininita which offers a multi-tiered approach to publicizing you and your brand. From traditional media placement to the intricate workings of social media her services will ensure your voice is heard and your brand is defined.

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