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"Boudoir", Beauty & The Balls To Do It


2017 is going to all about CONFIDENCE at Laurel Belle Photography. Instilling confidence in young girls, teens, and women has been my M.O. for awhile now but this year I am ripping off the band-aid and stripping down to basics.

The word "boudoir" comes with a lot of assumptions. Do I have to be naked? What about the giant scar on my back? What about the 10 pounds I want to lose first? Do I have to lay on a bed with my butt in the air?

The answers are simple: No. So what. Again, so what!! And, please, for the love of God, no.

I did a "boudoir" session about 4 years ago for my now husband, then boyfriend, as a Valentine's Gift. I wanted to do something brave. Something that would make him stop and think, wow, my girlfriend can be really sexy. I brought very simple things to wear to the shoot - nothing over the top, just some cute panties with cute little tops. The photographer shot me in those simple items for awhile, and to this day, I am thrilled with those images. But then his assistant starting putting me in black leather boustiers with fringe and sky high boots. (The song "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher began playing in my head). It was a nightmare and it was so NOT me. I am GIRLY. I am lace and light and bubbly. I am "Baby One More Time" Britney not stripper pole "Gimme More" Britney. I have always gravitated towards pretty things and timeless things and, to be candid, I was frustrated that my time and money were being wasted as I took the types of pictures that scared me away from the idea of boudoir in the first place.

I'll never forget showing my boyfriend, now husband, the photos. When we got to the Madonna-inspired ones as mentioned above, he said, "These look nothing like you," and he was right.

After that my confidence in doing more images like that were sucked dry. I didn't get in front of a camera again until our wedding day two and a half years later. But my wedding pictures reflected me - the best version of me - the lover of lace and pretty, timeless things. And to this day I still find myself wasting hours pouring over them and remembering feeling the most beautiful I'd ever felt.

My goal in 2017 is to make YOU feel the most beautiful YOU'VE ever felt. Not for your husband. Not for your kids. Not to put as your profile picture on Facebook to make your ex drool (although I am totally for that). You don't have to be a model. You don't have to have ever been in front of a camera before. You don't have to know the perfect thing to wear or the perfect way to pose or how to do your hair and make up. I have and will take care of all that along with my amazing partner in crime on this project, the AMAZING Jaime Spencer.

It took some guts to decide to start offering Glam Sessions along with my Signature Beauty sessions. I knew some might judge or turn their nose up but this isn't for them. This is for YOU and me and every other woman who wants to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. Our Glam sessions are about having a fun girl's day complete with champagne and chocolate; Beyonce, Britney, Bruno, or whatever music makes you feel like you can take on the world; giggles and girl time with your bestie if you want to bring her along and Jaime and I; stunning, hi-definition, smoky make-up and bombshell hair; and gorgeous images that you can keep close or give to the one that makes your heart race.

I get it. It takes guts to be in front of a camera for sessions like this. But the cool, amazing and most important thing is, you will walk away with confidence you didn't know you had. And Jaime and I will make you so comfortable and make you laugh with us (and sometimes AT us) so much that we will feel immediately like old friends.

So, think about your goal for 2017 and think about what you want to do for yourself this year and give me a shout if you're interested in making 2017 the year that's all about feeling good about yourself.

FYI: We have a special Glam Camp - Valentine's Edition at Ritchie Hill coming up in a few weeks! Only a few spots are left! Click here for all the info!



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