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THE SHOW YOUR SCARS SERIES | The Girl That Could... Kris Taylor

I have known Kris for over 10 years now. I've always seen her as strong, confident, and incredibly kind. We spent years my working together for a non-profit as I was slowly building my photography business. There were countless times I'd pull her aside for life + business advice as I navigated running a business and working full time. She always had something sound + encouraging to say + I would walk away from each conversation with new direction + confidence.

As well as I thought I knew Kris, there was one thing that I never knew about this kind, big-hearted soul: She was sexually assaulted by a stranger on an overseas trip.

But that story is not what defines her. What defines her is what she's managed to do with the life that she has been given. She counseled thousands of children in Charlotte through sex abuse trials. She gave them the voice to tell their stories when their voices didn't want to be heard. She was a shoulder to cry on for the parents of these children who had been through something truly horrific + was a strong, unwavering advocate for their rights.

When Kris had the courage to post her story of rape on Facebook, I was incredibly proud of her. She had been through something so awful that I can't even begin to imagine, yet she knew that sharing her story could ultimately help others. She is a survivor but she's not just that one thing - she's a friend, a leader, a daughter + a human being with many layers that make up the person that she is. I was lucky enough to sit down with her as part of my Show Your Scars series. I encourage you listen to our talk below + draw from her light.

"We all do ourselves a disservice when we aren’t honest about who we really are. Perfect is really boring and it’s unattainable."

"The more you talk about something the less power that it has."

"When things happen to you it feels like a huge boulder, that you’re carrying around a huge rock. It keeps you in the bed and hinders you from moving. If you are able to start to address it, talk about it, get support, it starts to whittle away."

You can follow the lovely Kris Taylor on Instagram at @ktaylor1979.

To learn more about child advocacy for sexually abused children in Mecklenburg County visit @patsplacecac.

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