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THE SHOW YOUR SCARS SERIES | The Girl That Could...Holly Makla

On the inaugural episode of The Girl Who Could Podcast's Show Your Scars Series, I sat down with Core 704 Coach + Charlotte fitness scene influencer, Holly Makla. Holly + I chatted about the loss of her first pregnancy + the still taboo topic of miscarriage. We also delved into the pitfalls of the instagram obsession - from playing the comparison game to becoming overly obsessed with follower count. This super candid, honest conversation with Holly was one of the highlights of this series for me.

Listen to my chat with Holly here:

"I always dreamed of that moment when you’re in the bathroom and you take the pregnancy test alone and you get to surprise him and i realized so fast in this process that that was not going to be my story."

" 'Who do I need to be?' (in the Instagram world) was always a big weight on my shoulders. It doesn't matter though because I continue to go to the same house with the same husband and the same dog and that's who loves me."

"When I die, I promise you no one's gonna read off my stats on Instagram + say wow! Wednesdays at 9 PM she really hit it home. It's just not real."

You can follow Holly on Instagram @holsandoats

Learn more about Core 704 Studios here.

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