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Arden Mac

Arden McLaughlin is a superwoman. She literally does it all and I admire her strong work ethic and, more importantly, her strong, unwavering faith. She's a Carolina girl which makes me love her automatically of course - but she's also all about creating connections with young professionals in Charlotte. She believes that instead of competing with each other, we can learn from each other and help our small businesses grow by working together.

Arden has had an extremely impressive career. Among other projects she is currently authoring 2 blogs that I strongly suggest you follow:

For my fellow book lovers - Arden's Book Club

For fellow reformed 9 to 5ers - Life As A Reformed 9to5er

Arden will use her photos for promotional purposes. If you need photos to promote yourself I'm just an email or a phone call away! In the meantime, check out Arden's session and let me know what you think!

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