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How To Have A Perfect Family Photo Session This Fall

Your fall family photo shoot is today. Your entire closet and the entire closet of each of your children is now empty because every thing any of you has ever owned is now on the floor, on the bed, hanging from the ceiling fan, wrapped around your lab's tail, etc. You were dreaming of the perfect family photo - perfect matching wardrobes, perfect hair, perfect smiles.

Instead you're exhausted, angry, frustrated. Steam is literally coming out of your ears and you are heavily considering calling off your photo session because you want to kill every single person in your family right now.

Your teenage daughter has a pimple on her nose that she can't get past and your father's young wife is wearing a completely inappropriate form fitting, cleavage baring dress. If this sounds familiar it's not only because it's happening to you - it's my favorite episode of Modern Family. Back to that in a minute.

Preparing for a photo session is a lot like preparing for a wedding. You can plan and plan and plan and plan some more. You can have back up plans A, B, and C. But inevitably something will happen to throw a wrench into your perfect plan - you'll sprout a brand new gray hair, your son will skin his knee the night before in football practice, someone will not understand your instruction to wear jeans and boots and will instead show up looking like Cousin Eddie (okay so maybe it won't be THAT serious).

My point is don't worry so much! I understand your pain and your frustration - you are investing in this shoot. Years from now your grandchildren will look back at these pictures and you want them to be perfect. You want the Pinterest-perfect photo. The thing is no family is perfect (and Pinterest will no doubt lie to you - I mean have you tried those recipes?!) and the imperfections are what makes your family unique and special. My job as your photographer is to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera and capture moments between you and your family. We will get those great posed shots that you desire and have so painstakingly planned for but the shots you will cherish will be those NOT planned for shots - the ones where your kids are laughing hysterically or your husband is wrapping your daughter in a big bear hug.

Sometimes (most of the time) the best images happen when everyone's not looking at the camera but instead at each other, someone has said something funny and everyone is laughing, or no one is "posing" but is instead being natural with one another. Beauty is in the imperfection.

Back to that episode of Modern Family. Claire's perfect, ideal photo was of her extended family in her father's backyard. She'd dressed the family in all white (in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, "Big Mistake! Huge!"). Here is the final product presented without commentary:

It's kind of perfect right?

Schedule your imperfect perfect family photo session today.

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