Highlights: Sarah Stankavage Pitts

I've known Sarah as one of the fabulous instructors who kicks my butt during my FlyBarre work-out but during this photo session I got to know much more about who she is when she's not making us do plank plus or slingshot ;) 


Sarah was kind enough to help me launch my latest photography venture, Beauty Sessions, by walking around NoDa with me embracing catcalls (they were nice ones though) and bravely (possibly illegally?) taking photos in front of the fire station. She was - at no surprise to me - a trooper. When I told her my vision for beauty sessions she was immediately on board. We both believe in the importance of taking no shame in doing things that make you feel good about yourself from running every evening after work to getting your nails done every other week. It's important to take time for yourself and to do things that help you feel good about who you are. I launched beauty sessions to give young girls and women something to get excited about and, most importantly, something to BOOST their confidence. Beauty sessions are for moms who spend 100% of their time taking care of their families and no time on themselves. Beauty sessions are for seniors in high school who want a fun photo session that does not involve a black cape and a black back drop but instead gives you professional photos complete with professional hair and make-up by Swooz Hair and Make-Up Salon to make you feel your best. Beauty sessions are for women who have just completed a major milestone like graduating college or losing weight after completing a FlyWheel challenge and want to do something to reward themselves. Whatever your reason, beauty sessions are the perfect pick-me-up.


A big, huge thank you to Sarah for her willingness, her kindness and her support. And another big, huge thank you Swooz Hair & Make-Up Salon for her gorgeous hair & make-up!



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