Photography 101

A Webinar 


 This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to take their DSLR out of Automatic Mode + learn the basis of photographing in Aperture Priorty + utilizing natural light + composition for better images!

What You'll Learn



Learn what your camera settings mean in an easy-to-digest way. 



Learn how to capture your subjects in both natural + indirect light without investing in expensive lighting equipment.



Learn how to photograph in Aperture Priority - the magical setting that allows for a blurrier background with more depth of field, resulting in more beautiful images.



Learn the photographer "rules" for photo composition so you can begin composing your photos in more new + interesting ways!

Leap Into A Workbook


Upon completion of the webinar you'll also receive my Portrait Photography 101 PDF which recaps everything that we learned during the class + a few bonus elements.

The PDF also includes assignments you can do at home to incorporate everything you learned!

Hi! I'm Laura, Your Instructor

Hi! I'm so happy that you are here! My name is Laura Tompkins and I am the owner of Laurel Belle Photography. I am a portrait photographer that specializes in fun, laughter-infused, confidence boosting portrait experience sessions for women + girls and branding, headshot and content curation sessions for female owned brands.


I am also a website builder, specializing in building clean, modern + easy to use websites for small brands. AND I’m an educator, educating brands and shop owners on topics that you can implement to boost your business including photography workshops and courses and search engine optimization courses sound your beautiful business can get found on google.


I’m also a wife to an amazing husband who shares my love of movies + Tar heel basketball. I'm also a dog lover and a wine lover most especially Sauvignon Blanc + I have memorized every episode of Friends + the Office and will quote them frequently.

I can't wait to meet you!

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