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Mastering Your Photography To Elevate Your Brand

Now more than ever, the ability to virtually view+ shop your  brand is important for your business.

But not having appealing visuals for your shop is holding you back from closing the sale.

On Instagram, Shopify and your shop's website your ideal client is drawn to how you visually share your product. If the photographic appeal isn't there, your audience will keep scrolling or, worse, may not take your shop seriously.

But hiring a professional photographer might not be in your budget. Or you might have SO much product that hiring someone else to do it might be daunting.

If any of this sounds like YOU, this course is the perfect way to help elevate your shop's photography WITHOUT breaking the bank.


 This course is perfect for any shop owner who wants to photograph their product whether in a lay flat format, photographing the product alone or photographing their product/service utilizing lifestyle photography to showcase your unique brand.

Hi! I'm Laura

Hi! I'm so happy that you are here! My name is Laura Tompkins and I am the owner of Laurel Belle Photography. I am a portrait photographer that specializes in fun, laughter-infused, confidence boosting portrait experience sessions for women + girls and branding, headshot and content curation sessions for female owned brands.


I am also a website builder, specializing in building clean, modern + easy to use websites for small brands. AND I’m an educator, educating brands and shop owners on topics that you can implement to boost your business including photography workshops and courses and search engine optimization courses sound your beautiful business can get found on google.


I’m also a wife to an amazing husband. My husband and I have both been working from home for the past 3 weeks and I have no idea what day it is. I also a dog lover and a wine lover most especially Sauvignon Blanc + I have memorized every episode of Friends + the Office and will quote them frequently.

I understand what its like to be CEO, marketer, photographer, website builder, client communications director ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart + it is my goal + my PASSION to help other brands develop systems + skill sets that allow your beautiful business to thrive! 

The Special Pre-Sale Rate For IEA Attendees is $89!

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What You'll Learn

Girl Taking a Photo

Photographing In Manual Mode

Learn how to have full control of your DSLR by learning how to use ISO, Aperture + Shutter Speed together to create perfectly exposed portraits for your shop.


White Balance

Learn about your camera's white balance settings + tricks for achieving white balance in camera so you don't have to do it in post.


Seeing the Light

A beautiful photo coincides with finding + seeing the light. You will learn all about types of light + how to adjust your camera settings to coincide with your lighting situation.


Photo Composition

Learn how to compose a beautiful photograph that appeals to your ideal customer.

Hand Holding Camera Lens

Photographing Your Shop Toolkit

Learn all the items that I recommend having in your arsenal for successful photography for your shop WITHOUT breaking the bank.


How to Have A Successful  Lifestyle Photo Shoot For Your Shop

Your step-by-step guide for styling, planning + executing your session.

DSC_9979 (1).jpg

The Anatomy of a Flat Lay

Learn how to style + photograph a perfect flay lay portrait.


Using a Lightbox for Product Photos

Learn how to use a light box to create beautiful product photos.


Basic Image Retouching

Learn how to edit + retouch images in post with step by step instructions.


As An Added Bonus, As A Beta Tester You Will Also Receive:

You'll Also Receive:


How To Work With + Find Models For Your Lifestyle Product Photography

My Image Editing Workflow


How To Make Your Images POP On Both Your Website + Instagram

You'll also be invited to join our private shop owner Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your images + get to know fellow shop owners!

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