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Photo Sessions For s



From The People She Loves


Coupled With

Beautiful Images

That Tell The Story Of Who She Is

Right Now

God has big plans for you.

Beautiful girl, you are a light.

They are just surrounded with so many images, so many expectations, (this allows you) to take a minute to come up with a way to say 'You are are special just the way you are.

Tara Robinson,
Mother of a Confidence Project Participant


All Confidence Project teens + tweens are greeted at their session with a smile + 

their favorite Starbucks order. We will sit down, talk, + get to know each other one-on-one ensuring she feels the most comfortable

(+ giving her time to finish her Frappachino). 

Next, we will look at her outfit changes. The girls are encouraged to bring clothes + accessories that best represent who they are. From cheerleading uniforms, to favorite books, to guitars + flow-y dresses, this is all about what makes her tick. Just as anyone would at an editorial style photo session, there will be multiple look changes allowing her to show all aspects of her personality

(because we are never defined by just one thing).

Then you are given the option for hair & make-up!

The amazing Jaime Spencer of A Well Dressed Life will give her simple, yet beautiful make up + pretty hair that will accentuate her features.

From there, her one-of-a-kind on location photo session will begin.

We will capture her personality + style whether she is silly or shy or a little bit of both.

You can even book a session with your best friend(s)!!!

Before her session, her parents, friends, teachers, grandparents, mentors, coaches + others who have had a strong impact on her life will be secretly given questionnaires to fill out separately. 

Powerful words mixed with powerful art can have such an amazing impact on a girl's soul + self-esteem.

During the photo reveal session, she will be surprised with a beautiful slide show set to her favorite song showcasing her images coupled with the beautiful words her friends + family contributed about her. This has an amazingly positive impact on her (+ yes sometimes there are happy tears).

From there she + her parents are able to pick from an gorgeous array of boutique keepsakes including albums +  bespoke wooden boxes with matted prints to commemorate her experience. The take-home is the most impactful part as she will able to look back on these images + quotes for the rest of her life.